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Beyond instructional Art Lessons, to become an Artist you need
       Motivation, Discipline, Organization and Inspiration
                                                                                     - Renee' MacMurray
There are so many people with amazing artistic talents, but because of the
stress and responsibilities of "Life", it lies hidden inside.
Your talents become a distant memory, 
        of when you used to sit an love to draw and paint.
Take the first step back to releasing that love of art and let Renee' MacMurray,
Guide and Coach you into becoming an Amazing Artist once again!

An Art Coach,
much like a Personal Trainer or Life Coach, it is someone who is there to help keep your 
Personal life & Creative life in Balance. 
Meeting once a week or once a month to guide and keep you focused on your goal of becoming
a truly amazing artist.
As you are learning to paint, as a hobby or as a profession, having an Art Coach guide you 
and give you the tools to stay focused is an essential element to your success and peace of mind.
Renee' MacMurray has been a professional artist for over 24 years and understands how
 "Life gets in the Way" of Creativity!!
She will help you to stay focused and set goals, inspire you to release those creative blocks 
and organize your life to focus on finding time for "yourself" to be creative and work on your Art.

Similar, to finding time to exercise and "me time" at the salon,
your "creative time" is essential to a healthy lifestyle and a happier YOU.



Paints & Brushes are Included - Canvas and Watercolor Paper are NOT Included 
Schedule a Lesson with Renee' MacMurray   781.740.0050

Beyond Instructional Art Lessons, sometimes you need to discuss your goals, projects, direction and blocks in life.  To become the Artist you strive to be, you need motivation, discipline, structure and Inspiration! 
Renee' MacMurray offers Art Coaching sessions with or with out painting lessons to assist in guiding and motivating you 
to stay on the right path to becoming an amazing Artist!

In the 1 hour or 1/2 hour session, Renee' will discuss your individual goal as an artist, setting you up with a structured plan 
and offering positive critiques and instruction on how to improve your skills as an artist. 
As well as, offering business advice to advance your success in profiting from your talent. 

ART COACHING SESSIONS :             $ 90.00 PER HOUR
                                                                    $ 45.00 PER 1/2 HOUR
COACHING & an ART LESSON :         $ 175.00 (2 HOURS)

Schedule a Lesson with Renee' MacMurray   781.740.0050

A Note from Renee' MacMurray,
Art Coach -  on Creative Coaching & Inspiration

In life we all need to be inspired in one way or another.
An inner spark or desire that drives us to be the best we can be at work,
in school, in sports and in creating a Work of Art.
Knowing how to draw and paint is only the beginning of being an artist, 
"Beyond instruction you need inspiration, motivation and discipline to be an true artist."

Inspiration comes in all forms, whether it's a visual image you see, 
the words of encouragement from another, a thought or a glimpse 
of a great idea that has come to you on a whim.
It is the inner peace of happiness, the excitement and drive of having 
a direction and goal to attain. Your own Inspiration!

It is not always easy for a person to hone into this inspiration and 
hold onto the passion so that you're able to turn your 
feeling of inspiration into a Creative Masterpiece.
This can be a extremely difficult in the world we live in.
And, I would like to help people hold on to that moment,
help you to stay in that place!

We have so many interruptions in our world 
and our time is so limited in our daily lifestyles.
Between children, family, friends and work,
 it sometimes seems
impossible to find to your own time for that "Creative Peace" 
with all the distractions of everyday life.

If anyone knows me well, I have an overwhelming busy lifestyle
(to say the least) and I completely understand how "Life gets in the Way".
I have been fortunate to have established a career as an Artist and 
I know the discipline it takes to make it work and how to take the time 
out for yourself each day to work on your Artwork and your goal to become 
an Artist.
After teaching and mentoring others for years,
I found that to be an artist it take more than just skill and the knowledge 
of "how to paint and draw".
There are so many talented artists hidden to our world.
I see them every week in my Art Escape classes!! :)
To be an Artist today you need help staying on track and inspired.  
You need direction and to set time aside for yourself to have your "Creative Peace". 
This is why I have chosen to begin a personal "Art Coaching" program, to help, 
guide and mentor others, to stay on track through weekly or monthly sessions.
Art is a wonderful hobby or career to have in life. 
It's a stress reliever and can take you away from the "craziness" of your everyday
life for even just a moment.
It is something that should Not be hidden away because of work, children and family!  
Art is so personal, and therapeutic to each individual.
In Art Coaching I would like to offer others help in finding and following through with 
the inspirations found in life, and to be creative and proactive in the process.


       Take time for yourself, you deserve that "Creative Peace" of time during the week,  

       just for You!   


                "To be an Artist, it is a personal journey for only you to discover.  

                                                         Art is for the individual to find within Oneself. "


         Renee' MacMurray  :)


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